The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) entitles PCNs to access funding to support recruitment across reimbursable roles

1) Clinical pharmacists
2) Pharmacy technicians (role specification)
3) Social prescribing link workers
4) Health and wellbeing coaches (role specification)
5) Care co-ordinators (role specification)
5) Physician associates
6) First contact physiotherapists
7) Dieticians (role specification)
8) Podiatrists (role specification)
9) Occupational therapists (role specification)

10)  Mental health practitioner (role specification)

11) Nurse associate (role specification)

12) Trainee nurse associate (role specification)


PCN reimbursement claims must only be for staff additional to the PCN baseline.

The only exception to this in terms of being able to claim for staff within the PCN baseline are those clinical pharmacists funded via the national Clinical Pharmacist in General Practice Scheme or those pharmacists funded via the Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes Scheme who were transferred to become part of the PCN multi-disciplinary team.

From April 2020/21, each PCN will be allocated a single combined maximum sum under the Scheme. Each PCN’s Additional Roles Reimbursement Sum will be based upon the PCN’s weighted population share. To ensure consistency and fairness in allocations, the basis for weighting is the same as for global sum (i.e. Carr-Hill Formula).

The Additional Roles Reimbursement Sum funding is only available to fund additional PCN workforce in line with the rules of the scheme. PCNs are encouraged to plan their future workforce requirements and claim their maximum entitlement each year. Any unused funding in a given year cannot be carried forward into subsequent years, and a PCN’s entitlement to that funding in that year will therefore be lost.