NHS Funding and Universal Healthcare

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The National Health Service is funded through three means; general taxation, national insurance contributions, and private fees for a small number of services, including prescriptions and dentistry.  The level of funding to the NHS is set annually by the central government through the Spending Review process.  Where income has dropped in the form of national insurance contributions and private fees, general taxation is used to ensure the NHS receives its…

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The NHS – A Brief Health System Analysis

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Finance The majority of healthcare in the United Kingdom (UK) is delivered by the National Health Service (NHS).  The NHS is a model of universal healthcare based upon the premise of care being free at the point of access.  It is a pooled risk insurance model where funding is collected through taxation.  Taxation is allocated to respective Departments of Health for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, who work to…

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Governance and Leadership in the NHS

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Primary medical services in England Primary medical services in England are mostly delivered by self-employed contractors to the NHS.  These contractors provide services under three different types of contracts: the General Medical Services Contract (GMS), the Personal Medical Services Contract (PMS), or the Alternative Provider of Medical Services (APMS) Contract.  GMS and PMS contracts are granted in perpetuity to contractors who must be General Practitioners or in the case of…

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Introduction to Human Resources

Recruitment As a Practice Manager HR is probably one of the biggest areas of my job.  When someone resigns, I like to take the opportunity to review what the practice “need” is and never simply replace like for like. Practice needs change over time, so it is a perfect opportunity to do things differently, just make sure you review the job description and person specification and update accordingly. I have…

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How I made my practice more efficient

When I joined the Oakwood Team almost two years ago, I had no idea of how a general practice ran. I brought with me a wealth of leadership, coaching, training and performance management experience. Unfortunately, I had zero knowledge or experience of the NHS and so I had a lot to learn. After a short orientation period, I set out my stall to learn the practice inside out. I did…

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Practice Manager Resilience

Practice Managers have an incredibly difficult, multi-faceted role where you can be expected to turn from counsellor to body guard at the drop of the hat. Most of us have a tool belt and box of tissues to hand at all times and an inner sense that leads you to reception to deal with Mr. Irate just before he starts his meltdown! Resilience gives us the capacity to turn adversity…

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