When there’s a disagreement between two or more people or groups, Doncaster LMC can try to help both sides come to an agreement. This is called ‘mediation’. Mediation is a confidential process that gives parties control over the outcome.

Mediators might provide participants with information about what the laws says in particular circumstance or options available to parties, but they do so from a neutral perspective with no interest in the outcome of the dispute and cannot impose a solution. Doncaster LMC is unable to provide legal advice.

Within mediation, offers can be made without influencing what happens if the dispute is eventually resolved in court (known as offers made ‘without prejudice’) which can enable participants to try to reach a settlement without compromising their position.

Mediation is not judging who was right or wrong in the past, but looks at how to agree on working together in the future. Mediation is a quick way to resolve a dispute and is: 
– informal 
– flexible 
– voluntary 
– confidential 

If agreement is reached in mediation, put in writing and signed, it is binding like any other contract.

– reduce stress 
– keep valuable professional relationships
– avoid more formal processes, such as going to court 
– stop more grievances being raised 
– avoid paying high costs, for example, employment tribunal claims 

Mediation by Doncaster LMC is free to levy paying members.

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