A mentor is someone who shares their wisdom and can facilitate action that has a positive effect on our careers and lives.

In Greek mythology, Mentor was the trusted advisor to Odysseus. Use of the term dates back to 1699 when French writer François Fénelon wrote Les Aventures de Telemaque, and the main character in the story is Mentor. This book gave us the modern use of the term mentor: counselor or teacher; trusted friend; one with wisdom and experience to share.  Modern mentorship programs are based on the idea of matching new employees with more experienced staff, who will advise and provide insight. In the workplace, mentors can advise, help with career advancement, provide professional development advice, and build networks.

The student of a mentor is often referred to as a mentee, or protégé.  Mentorships often evolve from a previous professional relationship.

Doncaster LMC has designed the unique quick start mentoring course to fascilitate support to mentees who seek local, approved mentors.

Our programme consists of 5 x 1 hour sessions between mentor and mentee.

Mentoring via Doncaster LMC is free for Doncaster GPs.