The website now provides comprehensive information about the new SR1 form, replacing the DS1500 form. The SR1 form is designed to assist terminally ill patients with a life expectancy of less than 12 months in accessing expedited processing for various essential benefits.


To streamline the process, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has introduced a Digital SR1 Service in addition to an electronic version. This enables healthcare professionals to efficiently complete and submit SR1 forms online. To access the service, healthcare professionals must have an NHS smartcard and visit


After selecting ‘Launch Digital SR1 Service,’ the SR1 form can be filled out online and submitted securely to the DWP. This reduces waiting time for the patient, and a copy of the form can be saved to the patient’s medical record. Additionally, a fee form can be downloaded if required.


To obtain the electronic version of the SR1 form (with or without a fee form), healthcare professionals can send an email from their secure email address to The email should include the following information: the postal address of the surgery/hospital/office, telephone number, request for the SR1 form, and a request for the fee form if necessary. The current (May 2023) electronic versions of both the SR1 form and the fee form will be attached to the email.


For submission, healthcare professionals can complete the electronic SR1 form (with or without the fee form) and send it via email to using their secure email address. It is essential not to print the electronic SR1 form for return by post.


For those who prefer paper copies, they can request a book of paper copies using the provided order form.


If opting for a paper copy of the SR1 form or fee form, ensure to sign the forms since only original signed copies will be accepted by post. There are two options for returning the forms:


1. Give the SR1 form to the requesting person and send the fee form separately.
2. Mail the completed SR1 form and fee form directly to:


Personal Independence Payment (10)
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1AE


Remember to use separate envelopes for each patient when returning SR1 forms and refrain from stapling documents together.

For more detailed information, please visit The website.