New Medical director

Please join us in congratulating Dr Nabeel Alsindi on his appointment as Medical Director for Doncaster Place.

Firearms Marker

On 6 July 2022, a new firearms marker was introduced, aimed at providing alerts to GPs during both the application process and the lifecycle of a firearms licence. The intention was for this to integrate with EMIS and SystmOne to prospectively flag patients coded as holding a firearms licence. This new scheme should apply only to new applicants or people renewing their licences, so it would take up to 5 years for all licensed gun owners to be included within the new framework. It has been stressed that the introduction of the marker must not imply that the buck for public safety stops with the GP; as the police have acknowledged, they themselves are ultimately responsible for firearms licensing. The BMA’s  Guidance for GPs on the firearms licensing process ( firearms licensing process has been updated. Concerns have subsequently been raised nationally regarding the implications of the firearms marker, and negotiations are ongoing. Therefore, the above is not the final outcome and we will update practices as more information becomes available.


Link – Firearms

Pharmacies to dispense vaginal HRT tablets without a GP prescription from September

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has given the green light for certain vaginal HRT tablets to be available over the counter without a GP prescription.

The regulator launched a public consultation in February on whether to reclassify HRT medication Gina 10 microgram (estradiol) vaginal tablets to allow women to access it in a pharmacy without a prescription from their GP

This was the first time an application has been made for an HRT product in the UK to be available as a pharmacy (P) medicine – meaning that it can be purchased over the counter from pharmacists.

The MHRA announced that ‘from September, women in the UK will be able to access Gina 10 microgram vaginal tablets [from local pharmacies] without requiring a prescription’.

Research priority setting with the General Practice Workforce: 10 minute Survey

The School of Health Sciences, University of Surrey is conducting a national survey to identify and prioritise a shortlist of service delivery challenges that require further research, as identified by the general practice workforce. This survey has been reviewed and has received a favourable opinion from the University of Surrey. Study findings will be used to ensure that future research seeks to address areas of unmet need, as determined by the workforce. This study is led by Dr Ruth Abrams, Lecturer in Workforce, Organisation and Wellbeing research. The survey asks three key questions from a workforce perspective: (1) what is working well in general practice; (2) where are the challenges; and (3) what needs fixing, as well as basic demographic information.


Target Group: All staff (clinical and non clinical) working in UK General Practice including reception staff


Survey information and link: 

Deadline: Fri 23rd September 2022

Flu vaccines

The Department of Health has announced an extension of the cohorts for the 2022/23 flu programme to include 50–64-year-olds.

Unlike in previous years, there will not be a central supply to cater for these extra patients, and instead NHSE/I will be looking at ‘local procurement’ routes. There will be a phased introduction for the additional cohort, with 50–64-year-olds being eligible from October, when there is anticipated to be greater availability of vaccines for this group. Due to manufacturing processes and commissioning arrangements, some vaccines may only be available in limited quantities. Therefore, NHS England has recommended that orders are placed with more than one manufacturer to ensure providers receive sufficient stock. BMA are continuing to discuss the practicalities of this with NHSE/I in order to minimise the disruption and additional workload that it may bring for practices.

Read the NHSE/I flu vaccine reimbursement letter NHS England » Reimbursable vaccines and eligible cohorts for the 2022/23 NHS Seasonal Influenza (flu) Vaccination Programme

Additional Supplies of Flu Vaccines via the LMC Buying Group

The Buying Group has been informed by MASTA that they are in a position to supply additional doses for the recently added 50-64 age cohort. If practices place orders as soon as possible they can include the additional doses within the September delivery allocation.

Orders can be placed by emailing and will be under the usual agreed Buying Group terms and will be confirmed on receipt.

If practices would like further information about the LMC Buying group they can contact Helen Shucker

Tel: 0115 979 6910



GMC power to appeal Fitness to Practise proceedings to come to an end in 2023

The Department of Health and Social Care have confirmed their “commitment” to remove the GMC’s power to appeal fitness to practise decisions in 2023, following criticisms from the profession last week of the delay in the proposed reform.

This issue has been a particularly controversial topic since the GMC’s appeal of the Dr Bawa-Garba case, which prompted the Williams Review into gross negligence manslaughter in healthcare published in June 2018. A recommendation was made in that Review that the GMC should lose its power to appeal fitness to practise decisions made by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. The Government confirmed its intention to remove such power following the review. More than four years on, the profession now has a commitment from the Department of Health and Social Care that legislation will be laid next year to remove the GMC’s power of appeal and will not be delayed further.

Make the NHS Pension scheme tax-unregistered - Petition

The NHS pension scheme should be ‘tax un-registered’, so the annual allowance and lifetime allowance don’t apply. The tax bills resulting from annual pension growth can leave senior staff choosing to take on LESS work to reduce their tax bill – work they would have otherwise been willing to do.

If you would like to sign the petition please click on the link above or below.

National Bundle of Care for Children and Young People with Asthma programme

Health Education England have now opened the education and training platform that provides access to all of the courses needed to implement the requirements set out in the capability framework.

Launched in September 2021 the bundle, which aims to improve outcomes for children and young people with asthma, is now being implemented across England.

Every area should now have a designated Clinical Lead for Children and Young People’s Asthma Transformation and their role will be to drive improvement across their Integrated Care System.

Rotherham Respiratory has always provided Paediatric Asthma training and we are thrilled to be in partnership with NHSE and HEE to provide accredited and endorsed education with the launch of our new Advancing Paediatric Asthma Care (online) 

This course meets the training requirements for Tier 3 and Tier 4 set out in the capability framework and will also be accredited specifically for Tier 4.

This course covers the basics (essentials) and beyond, exploring the patient, family, healthcare professional and organisational barriers to effective care. Learners will work through a structured programme of education, aligned to the national bundle of care, to develop and build on their knowledge and skills for managing asthma in this age group so that they receive the best possible asthma care, live well with their asthma, and avoid poor health outcomes such as asthma attacks or worse.

If you would like any further information about any of our courses, or speak to the educational leads, please do not hesitate to contact Jo Morris Education Liaison Manager on 01709 300111 or visit the website

NHS Covid Passes for Children

A new service commenced on 21 July 2022 that enables parents or legal guardians of children aged 5 to 15 to request electronic copies of their COVID vaccinations.

The new system will rely on there being a mobile number and / or an e-mail address associated with the child’s Personal Demographics Service (PDS) record. To get a pass the name / DOB / mobile must be matched, and a short code will be sent (proving the phone is in the possession of the user) and then an email address can be entered to which the pass will be sent. For anyone with an email address but no mobile, the pass will be emailed to that address once the name / DOB / email address match has occurred.

People can still ring 119 (or go online) to ask for paper copies to be posted out

Cremetion Regulations

Please be reminded of the the following, associated with cremation

  • Form ‘Cremation 4’ can be submitted electronically and an electronic signature includes being sent from the secure email account of the person completing the form ‘Cremation 4.’
  • Examination of the body is not required for completion of form ‘Cremation 4’ if the deceased was seen by a medical practitioner (including audiovisual/video consultation) in the 28 days before death
  • The deceased must have been seen within 30 days of the death
  • The doctor signing the form must either:
    • have seen the patient after death and recorded in the usual way, or
    • in the narrative, clearly identify who did see the body after death
  • There is no longer a requirement for  ‘cremation form 5’.
  • The form MUST be signed with either a “wet” signature or an electronic version of a wet signature.  In exceptional circumstances, the Ministry of Justice has clarified that we can accept an emailed form from the doctor’s personal email, as long as the following statement is included: “Please find the attached Cremation Form signed by me”.